Tommy's Express®

KEILTY is approved to be a franchise partner of Tommy’s Express® Car Wash. Together we're developing and operating a portfolio of modern express car washes throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada. Each store is managed by our dedicated team of KEILTY employees.

Tommy’s Express is a rapidly expanding international franchise brand with over 50 years of industry leadership in car wash manufacturing and operations. They are leveraging their decades long experience as a top car wash equipment manufacturer to deliver cutting-edge car wash experiences to customers world-wide. Their automated express wash tunnels boast innovations such as the easy-loading car wash dual belt conveyor, comprehensive membership services, and complimentary high-power self-serve vacuums on-site and floor mat washers.

Canada is dramatically underserved by modern express tunnel car washes. We are working to bring this amazing experience to Canadian drivers. Limited Partners have an opportunity to co-invest along side us in our KEILTY Car Wash Investments that own and operate Tommy's Express Car Washes.

#1 Car Wash Franchise

Tommy’s Express® stores generate annual sales comparable to the top retail franchise brands in the world.

Annual store revenues are on par with McDonalds and Chipotle but with the added benefit of a reoccurring revenue membership model enjoyed by Planet Fitness.

Reoccurring Membership Revenue

Tommy’s Express® is a reoccurring revenue, membership-based business. On average 65% of revenue is earned from reoccurring monthly unlimited wash memberships.

Low Labour Model

Tommy’s Express® Stores generate annual sales per store comparable or better than the top national and international franchise brands in the world. However, Tommy's low-labour model requires a small fraction of the of employees of comparable food franchise. While food revenue can be variable and seasonal, Tommy's car wash membership model provides stable reoccurring monthly revenue.

15X Faster Throughput

With a combination of unique, high-capacity design, license plate reader technology and proven efficient site layout, Tommy's Express locations can process more than 200 vehicles per hour, keeping lines short and customers happy.

Tommy's Express Tunnels can load a new car every 19 Seconds.

Easy-Load Double Conveyor Belt

The iconic Tommy’s Express® architecture is aesthetically appealing and an instantly identifiable landmark in cities across the country.

The Easy Load double conveyor belt is easier to use and less stressful for drivers.

Underserved Markets

KEILTY Car Wash Funds are developing Tommy’s Express modern tunnel car washes in under-served markets across Canada. The Funds acquire and build Class-A Retail experiences in busy trade areas, near major national brands.

We are developing modern express car washes in Canadian markets. We are using the selection criteria and experience of the Tommy's Express real estate team who have developed and launched 280+ locations in the US.

Financial Highlights

Car Wash Store Economics*:

  • Land: $1,000,000 - $2,500,000
  • Building: $6,500,000 - $8,000,000
  • Target Revenue: $4,100,000 / yr
  • Target Expenses: $2,200,000 / yr
  • Target EBITDA: $1,900,000 / yr
  • Target EBITDA Margin: 45%

*Numbers in Canadian Dollars